Warm Beautiful Homes limited is an enterprise dedicated to providing great homes set in the glorious English countryside. Longnor Hall is our latest and most inspiring project to date. The facts are striking in themselves. There is the grade two star listed Hall together with a large stable yard, a coach house, and series of other traditional farm buildings. There is a major listed wall and a unique finialed store in the grounds dating back to the 1890s. All this is set within over 10 acres of land.

Longnor can trace its roots back to the aristocratic Aston family who fought with Charles the 1st in the 16th century. The Longnor Hall story begins in 1726 when the gentleman Ralph Edge falls in love and marries the honourable Jane Saunders and together they plan the Hall that has stood for nearly 300 years. In that time it has only been owned by five different families. They are the Edge family, the Leavers, the Mitchell family of brewing fame, the Holt family and now, since August 2021, through Warm Beautiful Homes, the Hill family.

We intend to restore the estate to its former glory but set in a modern context so that today's generation can enjoy living working and simply being in the glorious Staffordshire countryside.

The effort and resources needed to deliver on a project of this scope are significant. Initially, much work must be done in documenting the past and planning for the future. We will deploy appropriate resources, but more we intend to bring flair and creativity in creating the English idyl. We want to celebrate the heritage and culture that makes Britain great.

We propose to redevelop the complex retaining the historic fabric, losing only the agricultural fixtures and fittings, which will be preserved by record. We will work throughout to enhance the current structure whilst maintaining its historic heritage.

The Hall and buildings are set within Staffordshire fields. We will work to encourage biodiversity and wildlife to thrive.

We will prove that there is no need to settle for anything less than the best. In a world of compromise and change occasionally a project rises above the mainstream. That project is Longnor Hall and we dedicate it to the families and people who will be enjoying the space in 300 years time in 2326.

See how the history of Longnor unfolded year by year from 1500 to the present day.

Read about Henry Mitchell the man that transformed Longnor Hall (and founded M&B Brewers)

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