1586 - 1700

1586 Thomas and Elizabeth Aston transfer land at Longnor to William Boothby and his son Thomas Boothby.

1622 William Boothby gives Longnor to his mother Judith Corbett for 21 years, after which it was to go to his brother Robert.

1687 John Fennihouse ( AKA Fennyhouse) sells some of the lands to William Saunders of Sutton Coldfield.

1673 Edward Fennihouse Gift

This is a section from the plaque in Lapley All Saints Church

1700 - 1800

1719 William Saunders of Sutton Coldfield gives it to Ralph Edge of Strelley Notts when Ralph marries William Saunders’ daughter Jane.

1726 The Hall is built. The initials on the heads of the rainwater pipes read R E J for Ralph Edge and Jane together with the date of the Hall 1726. This affectation is common across many halls including, for example, Chillington Hall. The striking similarities with Chillington Hall, the date and the detail would probably indicate that the architect was Francis Smith of Warwick, who were the “go to “company for the local aristocracy at the time.

1730 Ralph Edge buys more land adjacent called Pool leasows from Mary Green who was the widow of Thomas Green of Lapley and heir of John Fennihouse.

1767 Ralph Edge leaves the manor to his daughter Jane who married William Evetts of Sherborne Warwickshire.

1777 Nearly half of Lapley village burns down with the thatched roofs that covered the houses blazing. When it was rapidly rebuilt the new houses were covered with tiles.

1782 Jane Evetts (nee Edge) dies and leaves the property, under her father's will, to Thomas Webb her nephew. Thomas Webb then changes his name to Thomas Webb Edge.

1804 - 1835

1804 Thomas Blurton (1764- 1816)  is recorded as holding the game licence at Longnor Hall on behalf of Thomas Webb Edge.

1807 Thomas Blurton of Longnor Hall buys Shredicote Hall farm for £8,600 and in 1817 it is sold again to a Mr M Pakes.

1817 On Sunday 14 December there is a robbery reported at  the Hall when several items are stolen including a  whole salted pig which had only been in brine for 2 weeks. The Hall was then being run by Thomas Blurton's widow Jane Blurton (1764 -1861).

1819 Thomas Webb Edge dies and leaves Longnor to Thomas Webb Edge Junior.

1819 The Leigh Association is formed for the prosecution of felons. Thomas Blurton Jnr (1802-1869 )  is instrumental in its establishment. The association offers rewards for convictions of felons including a £10 10s reward for a capital offence conviction, down to £1 1s for a conviction for a waggoner of stealing coal.

1835 Thomas Blurton Jnr rents the property.

1839 Bill Of Sale

This is the full 1839 Auction Bill of Sale available as a pdf.

1839 - 1890

1839 On the 14th of February, Thomas Webb Edge Junior sells by auction at Littleton Arms to Henry Leaver who runs a lace making enterprise in Nottingham.

1840 On the 11th March, Mr. Thomas Blurton junior, leaves the Hall and auctions eight calving heifers of the pure shorthorn breed, five fat cows, and eight wagons.

1841 Thomas Blurton junior sells trees at auction from the estate.

1847  The records show that the estate now extends to 320 acres.

1849 Henry Leaver of Nottingham dies and his son Francis Leaver (1804-1882), inherits occupation rights.

1850 An attempt to let the  Hall by Francis Leaver fails. The farm buildings are described as having recently been rebuilt.

1851 Francis Leaver moves into the hall but never marries and has no heirs.

1872 The Estate of Henry Leaver tries to sell the Hall with Francis present but fails (not surprisingly).

1877  The census records the residents of Longnor Hall  are Frances Milward (42, Female) Joseph Barnes (61, Male) Esther Caswell (40, Female) Esther Stokes (16, Female) Barbara Trickett (15, Female).

1882 On 24th of  August Francis Leaver dies leaving  an estate worth £18,198 19s 4d.

1890 Henry Mitchell (1837-1914), the brewer of Birmingham buys Longnor and carries out extensive remodeling including the oak staircase and gatehouse.

1901 - 2021

1901 Henry Mitchell lets Longnor Hall to a Mr. W J Shuker (1859 -1939). Henry Mitchell sells at Auction 200 sheep, 28 pigs,200 cattle, 14 horses and over 200 agricultural implements including 7 carts, 1 self binder, and several ploughs.

1907 In  January Mr. Shuker supports a local concert and sings “We are all getting old” which he followed by popular demand of “Go To Sea”.

1911 In the census the Holt family are living at Dunston – James (1866-1939) is 44,  Fanny is 43 (1867- 1947), Alfred is 13, Mildred is 10, George Alex is 5, Stuart Holt is 1 and they have 2 servants Charles Ellis and Martha.  James Holt is ambitious and brings prosperity to the family trading up through several farms.

1914 Henry Mitchell dies in Smethwick Birmingham.

1915-1918 Mr Shuker uses German POW work parties, based at the Brocton POW camp near Cannock, on the farm including laying mosaic in the entrance hall.

1921 Mr Shuker auctions off all livestock and James Holt,  buys Longnor Hall and 500 acres. He has 4 sons and 2 daughters.

1935 James Holt divides farm between his sons George, Alec (1906-1970) and Stewart Victor (1910 –1970)-and moves out. He buys Longnor Mill Farm to live in.

1938 James Holt retires to Villa Farm Dunston.

1939 7th May Walter J Shuker dies 1939 at Park House Lapley leaves £4921 4s 1d.

1939 Stewart Victor  (1910-1970) and Alice Joan Holt ( 1911- 2009) are living at Longnor Hall – George is living at Longnor (Mill Farm?).

1940 James Holt dies intestate and leaves £5456 4s 1d.

1944 Robert Stuart Holt is born to Stewart Victor and Alice Joan.

1962 The Ministry of Housing had been carrying out a massive listing project since 1944 and by 1962 it reaches and lists Longnor Hall as Grade 11 *

1969  Robert Stuart Holt and Barbara Swinnerton marry and later start living at Longnor Hall. Together they have 2 daughters and a son.

2019 Robert Stuart Holt sadly dies. 

2021 Warm Beautiful Homes Ltd buys Longnor Hall and grounds in order to improve, restore and develop the site.

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